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The dawning of the 21st Century has brought changes not only to society in the United States, in general, but also to the security services industry in America, in particular. Situations, lifestyles and circumstances that we once took for granted as safe havens are no longer the secure sanctuaries they once were. Life has changed here in the U.S., and GSS Security Services, Inc. has expanded its services to meet these new needs, requirements and demands.

At the beginning of 2003, GSS Security Services, Inc. launched its new Canine Explosives Detection Unit under the supervision of long-time NY/NJ Port Authority Police (PAPD) sergeant and supervisor Vincent Oliva. Oliva spent more than 10 years with the PAPD’s canine unit, assisting or supervising in the training of more than 75 dogs in 13 classes for the PAPD and various Federal, State, County and Local agencies in the Tri-State Area. Today he is considered to be one of the top trainers in his field.

Realizing that terrorist and criminal activities around the globe and in the U.S. have now spilled into the corporate world, GSS Security Services, Inc. took the steps necessary to protect its current and future clientele by establishing its Canine Explosives Detection Unit. GSS Security Services, Inc. puts its officers and dogs through the same type of rigorous and complete screening and training process as it does for all its personnel - - including some 400 hours of classroom and in-the-field instruction before they go out to serve a client.

GSS Security Services, Inc.’s canines can detect 25 to 30 different odors that might comprise a bomb, which translates to practically any composition that could be made into an explosive. Furthermore, whereas in the past having an explosive detection team was considered like having a black eye, today it is viewed as a positive service that can help people feel better, safer and more comfortable.

Promising virtually immediate emergency response in the Tri-State Area, as well as quick reaction in other parts of the country, GSS Security Services, Inc.’s new Canine Explosives Detection Division is sure to be utilized by a wide variety of clients including venues, companies, entertainment entities and law enforcement departments without their own canine programs.

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I was watching my little brother and he started choking. I followed the procedures I learned your class I needed for school and my brother is alive today thanks to you. 

Mike Washington
Student - Newburgh, New York

I not only receive more babysitting jobs on the weekends due to my CPR training, but I feel more confident when I'm watching kids thanks to you.

Babysitter - Washingtonville, New York

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